Why watching the US Open will help your business

The US Open tennis fan experience has improved remarkably thanks to real-time data and insights. So has player insight and match preparation. As I look to my team at Solomon Consulting Group to find hidden gems to drive revenue or reduce costs and time for our clients, I am impressed what IBM has done for… Read more »

What is a Key Performance Indicator?

Throughout my career from project management, consulting and leadership, there has been varying degrees of reliance on key performance indicators, or KPI’s. The reason the degree of emphasis on these little beauties changes, is due to the strength and validity they have, and how well they are used to motivate – not demoralize – a… Read more »

Solomon reviews Olympic Data with Yellowfin

As Solomon Consulting Group continues to provide insight across platforms for our clients, we investigate Yellowfin for the┬áRio 2016 Olympic inspired data visualization. With partnerships with Tableau and Microsoft, and active projects with Microstrategy, Qlik and others, we make sure to keep an eye on the best solution for our clients while researching the best… Read more »

A Thousand Words Can’t Paint a Picture

Have you tried explaining your car issue to a mechanic over the phone? How about explaining how to fix something to your parents without being in the room? The common theme is you need a VISUAL to truly get a grasp of what the problem is first, before you can actively come up with a… Read more »

The Recipe for Good Visualizations

Yes a picture is worth a thousand words. However the wrong picture of your data could have those 1000 words veering you off course and back to the drawing board. Data Visualization is becoming THE way to explain and describe data to people in your company that may not have a grasp of the size,… Read more »