Business Lessons from the Bryan Brothers

By: Grant Gordon 15 Grand Slam titles. 96 career tournament wins. 15 years ranked #1 in the world. The Bryan brothers – Bob and Mike – are the gold standard in mens’ doubles tennis. As someone who has played the game since I was big enough to hold a racket and came to the US… Read more »

Going for Career Gold

Going for Career Gold: 3 Lessons from Polina Edmunds, Kate Hansen and the U.S. Curling Team By Karen Blue The Sochi Winter Olympics have been over for a couple of weeks, but there are some timeless lessons that I learned from the US team. Sure, it’s easy to talk in clichés about hard work, determination… Read more »

It’s February 14 – Do you L-O-V-E your work?

With love in the air on Feb 14th, I thought it appropriate to sit back and reflect on what consumes us more than 40+ hours a week… our W-O-R-K. The hope is that the acronym of work doesn’t stand for Weary Overload Recreational Killer. I would rather you find some hope in your work that… Read more »

3 Ways for Small Companies to Improve Cash Flow

3 Ways for Small Companies to Improve Cash Flow in Q1 2014 The first quarter of any new year can be a scary time for an entrepreneur. Yes, you sat down at the end of 2013 and examined what worked, what didn’t and everything in between. Then you and your team evaluated where you wanted… Read more »

Attitude Speaks Louder than Actions

I found this great article yesterday.  Life is tough sometimes so it’s always good to be mentally strong! Good example of this…. I watched the tail end of Monday night football last night (11/18/13 game) – Patriots vs. Panthers.  It was a close game with the Panthers ahead and in the last three seconds… Read more »